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  Who are we?


We are your trusted business partner.


We believe that trust is the cornerstone to all good relationships.


“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”

- Albert Einstein 

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Christi Friedrichs

Co-Founder and CEO


Christi has been impacting bottom line results for companies in competitive high tech industries for over 20 years.  A consultant since 2001, Christi helps businesses better position themselves for acquisition, revenue growth, profitability, and competitiveness.  She focuses on companies under $100M in biotech, SaaS, mobile apps, software integration, networking, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

As a consultant, Christi has taken on various projects.  She was brought on as acting CEO to help a failing privately owned B2C product and service company.  She successfully turned it around into a profitable and growing business by restructuring the problem areas, including its debt, financial controls, operational policies and procedures, personnel management, and revenue model.  She implemented a new business model and strategy, while ensuring alignment and stability across all aspects of the business.



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Alleah Friedrichs, MBA, IPMA-D

Co-Founder and Consultant


Alleah has spent the last ten years managing sales teams and consulting projects in various industries, including distributed solar energies, enabling medical technologies, and consumer goods and services.   Alleah provides growth, strategy, and execution planning to clients who are technology-centric and who are either penetrating new markets with existing technology or who are exploring ways to increase revenue in existing markets.  She has worked with high profile customers to develop their short and long term goals, market analysis, sales projections, business development, and strategic road maps.  Alleah helps clients achieve their goals through strong financial, sales, organizational, and investment strategies.



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We are…

Passionateabout helping companies increase revenue to meet their growth or exit goals

Experienced business professionals who know what it takes to help you succeed

Trustworthypeople who value honest relationships and solid ethicsenvironmental oval3

We believe in…

Maximizing value and minimizing risk… by design

Free markets, capitalism, and competition

The golden rule

Embracing diversity

Reducing our carbon footprint


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Growth, Profitability, and Competitiveness…

by design.

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